Monday, 1 July 2013

How to get Free Runescape Membership codes fast and easy!

How to get Free Runescape Membership Codes fast and easy from Rewards1

--- Introduction---

Do you want to know how to earn free membership codes? This is not some code generator, you have to earn the codes. There is not too much work that you have to do though. Click here.

Here is how to get Free Runescape Membership in just 3 easy steps : 

Step 1.

Click here or go to this link :

Sign up at the website.

Step 2.

After you have signed up at the website, you have to earn points in order to get a reward.  You can start completing offers, tasks, watch videos, (those are really fun!) click on ads, complete surveys, play games, to get points. It generally only takes a couple of days to do this, but it can be faster if you do the higher payed offers. You only need 875 points for a month of Runescape Membership!

Step 3.

When you have got 875 points, go to the rewards store here :  or click here, then scroll down. You will see the Runescape Membership Card Code reward, click on the request button, after that your Free Runescape Membership code is on its way! It should arrive within 2 days. If you want, you can also get other rewards too instead of the Runescape Membership card if you want.

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Enjoy. :)